How to develop your brand strategy


Many who wish to build their business profile online usually neglect to build a foundation for their business, or don’t realize they need one until well into their journey.  Your platforms need to mean something and provide value to help people, while also allowing you to share your expertise and creativity at the same time.

 It’s very important to ensure that your platforms have the below three branding foundation elements in order to stand out to potential customers, readers and brands you want to work or collaborate with.

These are:

  • Purpose;

  • Mission Statement;

  • Brand Identity.

Audiences want to see meaning behind the platforms of their favourite brands so they stand out to potential audiences.


  • Because purpose and meaning has substance and is relatable, authentic, and connects with audiences;

  • It also keeps you on track with your goals and gives you direction;

  • A business without purpose is more likely to leave you feeling self-doubt, overwhelmed and frustrated.

Always ask yourself why do you create what you create? For some this question may be very easy, for others it may require a little digging or soul-searching – which is how outlining your purpose will help you.

Mission statement
A mission statement is a short summary of what your brand is about, how it does what it does, and who it’s for. It defines your purpose and tells your audiences what they can expect from your across your chosen platforms.

A mission statement is extremely beneficial for standing out online for a number of reasons and takes the purpose behind your business and puts it into a digestible sentence. It’ll take two seconds for your visitors to read and instantly find a reason to stay and engage with you.

It helps YOU stay focused on the kind of work that matters most to your audience / customers / readers and connects everything together.

Think of your mission statement as you would when developing a business plan:

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What do you do and how do you do it?

  • Why is it valuable to your audience?

  • What are your unique selling points and how are you different to others?

  • What is your next big goal and how will you achieve this?

Jot your purpose and mission statement down in a one-pager ‘Executive Summary’ document and you have it there to always refer to if you feel lost or without purpose.

It can also act as a working document too. Use this document to ensure that all of these relates back to what your brand and business is about.

This a lot of important information but you need to keep it short and to the point (a couple of paragraphs or a few sentences). It should be easy for audiences and future businesses to understand this overview of your business and you always have in mind the key points and what sets you apart from competitors.

Brand identity
How do people perceive you through your website and / or social media platforms? Is your brand ultra-chic, minimalistic, tongue-and-cheek?

When you think of a brand for your business, you probably think of your name, term, design, logo and colours.

These are certainly key components of branding, but it also comprises:

  • Blog posts;

  • Email newsletters;

  • Writing and photography style;

  • Target audience;

  • Social media strategy;

  • Overall vibe that makes up your brand.

Branding is how you spark instant connections with your audience. Good, authentic branding hooks you in and keeps you coming back for more.

To create an impeccable and attractive feed or website, you have to consider all elements starting with your ‘About’ page, designs, visuals, fonts through to your tone of voice. This is how you stand out to audiences and potential businesses wanting to collaborate. 

A strong and memorable brand is essential for differentiating you from the countless other brands out there and allowing your audiences to relate to you. It is the key that unlocks your success and amazing collaborations in the near future.

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