Trends and tactics for improving 2019’s PR efforts

Image credit: PR Couture

Image credit: PR Couture

To be great at PRing your brand or business, you need to possess a strong and varied set of skills, allowing you to be great communicators and storytellers, established individuals and critical thinkers.

Below are some trends, tactics and considerations we’re seeing for 2019 and another year of success and progression, either for your own business or for your clients.

Keep learning
Never stop educating or upskilling yourself, even after university. This is especially important if you run your own business! The world is constantly evolving and adapting to changes and new trends and the media landscape is forever a moving beast. In order to stay on top of the constant change, it’s important to invest in learning that will keep you relevant, innovating and at the top of your game with the latest information. Sign up to webinars, workshops, downloadables, daily newspapers, staying in touch with colleagues (past and present) and podcasts.

Finesse your writing skills
To be successful at PR, you must possess excellent writing skills. And when starting a small business,  having someone on board with writing skills is a must to ensure you are communicating your brand’s story through press releases through to pitching. Story-telling is essential for a brand to thrive in a saturated world!

Try your hand at writing in different styles, and read every day. Whether it is the news, blogs, a novel, regular reading exposes you to various writing styles, other voices and opinions and other forms and genres of writing that is better than our own and helps us to improve.

Understand what story arcs resonate well to people
As you learn about what different arcs receive success, use them to build out campaigns for your brand and communicate different elements of your brand story. Think about story arcs when pitching your services, sharing your own story during panels and when writing content or speeches on behalf of clients. A good tip to help you practise -  next time a friend is telling you a good story, ask yourself what it is about this story that captures your attention.

Media outreach no longer means traditional journalists
Don’t limit your pitching efforts to just journalists, as media outreach has expanded beyond traditional channels.

Your favourite publications all have online versions, making it more convenient to get hits for your clients quickly. However there is the issue of untrustworthy content to contend with, hence why many consumers are turning to people they trust for reviews and recommendations i.e. bloggers.

Of course there are many with large followings that might be outside your budget but micro-influencers (followings of 5-15k) are always interested in partnering up with upcoming brand.

Follow up always!
It is essential to always follow up on media placements to ensure you’re getting featured in your target publications. A reported might agree to run a feature but this is never guaranteed, with stories being pulled at the very last minute for more timely content. Remember – nothing is ticked off until you actually see the coverage published or live online.

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