Why you should outsource your PR

Image credit: PR Couture

Image credit: PR Couture

2019 is around the corner and here at TBOI, we have been busy bees taking new briefs from clients as they plan for their exciting projects (as well as developing our own marketing strategy for the new year ahead).

It is clear these clients understand the value of PR and outsourcing this more strategic element of running a business to an expert.

Why? Because PR:

  • Builds credibility

  • Positions you as a leading expert for media

  • Builds on online presence

  • Gains brand exposure

  • Reaches your target audience

  • Offers media tips / advice while indirectly promoting your brand.

As you plan for the next 12 months ahead, and you wonder whether you are at a stage to start outsourcing PR to an expert, look to the below list to help you make that decision. Choosing to hire a PR expert will leave your time to be better spent somewhere else.

PRs can help businesses embrace their ego while still keeping it in check
Ego (not to be confused with arrogance) is a good thing – it’s your passion, life, excitement, drive, creativity – it’s what makes you successful. We love working with clients who are passionate and excited about what they are doing and if you are nervous about a launch or new product, we’re here to help you discover and embrace what sets you apart from other competitors.

However, sometimes businesses can believe too much of their own hype. A PR expert gives businesses an outside view and helps them to see the difference between what their ego is telling them and what is the truth. For example, a business might think a new product is so ground-breaking – but in the eyes of the media, it really isn’t.

A PR will ask questions about how they are unique from competitors, helping to position and communicate the business in ways that highlight their unique selling points.

Businesses don’t have enough time
Entrepreneurs wear many hats and are always trying to do it all. Acknowledge there are some areas of running a business successfully that you are just going to have to leave to trained professionals. As your business grows, surround yourself with a small team of people that provide the skills and experience you don’t necessarily possess.

Otherwise, if pulled in too many directions, you risk failing to execute anything well. And as a small business ourselves, we know time equals money!

A publicist can help by managing elements like media or influencer outreach, pitching to journalists and staying on top of where stories are in the pipeline. This frees you up to focus  your time on what you do best.

They’re just not good at PR
I’ve worked with a few clients in the past who think they are a PR expert but actually don’t understand what public relations is. I mean – they hire you, then tell you how to do your job!

At TBOI, we encourage a collaborative PR process to ensure strategies compliment your business goals and key messaging effectively, while bouncing ideas off each other. That’s what makes PR so fun and effective when working together as a team.

It’s then knowing when to step away and leave these elements in the hands of experts so you can focus on what you are skilled at, allowing you to accomplish more. And hey – you may learn a thing or two about PR in the process!

They confuse advertising with PR
Don’t confuse PR and advertising as the same thing.

The differences being: marketing and advertising are about promoting a brand, service or product for the purpose of selling it. They are also known as ‘paid media’ (you pay for an advert space online, in print or on tv / radio).

PR is about extending on your advertising messaging and building credibility and trust through sharing information, knowledge and insights to raise awareness. This is also known as ‘earned media’. Editorials such as feature stories or profiles are normally the result of carefully crafted story-telling at its finest, having persuaded the journalist into sharing the brand’s story to a large audience.

They work on PR sporadically
Sometimes entrepreneurs only remember to do PR occasionally when it’s suddenly time for a new product launch or other big announcement. Executing PR once in a while, and then going silent for months isn’t the way to raise or continue awareness of your brand, let alone reaching new audiences.

PR is not a one-and done activity; we can help businesses stay top of mind to media and consumers all-year round, even when there are no news or major milestones.

PR requires A LOT of persistence
It can take weeks or months to see the effects of PR efforts and often requires many rounds of following up with reporters and rescheduling stories (not to mention many story declines, so pitching stories in elsewhere!).

If you can’t put in the time to follow up consistently, your outreach may not go anywhere.

A PR will dedicate their time and resource to follow up on things like media inquiries, Q&As and more. A thick skin is also needed as there will be rejections along the way; a PR will need to manage multiple rounds of pitching and outreach to get to the right contact and win his/her attention.

They don’t want to be the ‘messenger’ for their business
Some entrepreneurs prefer someone else to deliver their business messages for them – not because it saves on time but also having a PR pro helps them look ‘more professional.’

Some really don’t like to ‘blow their own trumpet’ so having a PR allows them to get the word out to the masses and firmly position them as the leader of the company.

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