Why you should spring-clean your social accounts

Image credit: Anabel Zamora / Unsplash

Image credit: Anabel Zamora / Unsplash

Social media is a powerful force in modern society with studies out there to prove it can be damaging to our mental wellbeing.

The findings from a recent study from Digital Information World include:

  • On average, a person spends approximately 135 minutes per day on social media;

  • 56% are afraid they will miss something if they don’t stay glued to their social networks;

  • Tweeting can be more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol;

  • 50% of people report that social media makes their lives worse.

This alarmed me, and given I have a career in this industry, I personally feel the pressure of keeping up with the trends, not just for myself but for clients too.

 As a PR, we may look to capitalize on social media’s popularity, but we should also protect our audience members’ mental health; which is why I’m sharing some ‘spring cleaning’ steps (if you will) that has helped with my own mental wellbeing and hopefully yours too.

Cull and clean
If you’re like me and you follow too many accounts, cull! Some may be bloggers, old friends or acquaintances no longer in your life, brands that you like but the content isn’t very interesting, people whose lives are too unattainable or ‘too successful’ to keep up with. Spend 10 minutes and comb through these accounts – it really is therapeutic for the soul. If there are co-workers or mutual friends that you need to be following (but wish you didn’t have to!), you can utilise the mute function – allowing you to follow accounts without actually seeing their posts in your feed or through Instagram Stories. No one’s feelings get hurt and you spend less time scrolling through posts you don’t want to see.

Bring joy, don’t annoy
I’m currently reading Sarah Knight’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck’ and the biggest lesson I have taken from the book is: ‘if they annoy and don’t bring you joy’, cull! Do these accounts question how you are adding value to the world, or make you feel inadequate, anxious, insecure, jealous or unsuccessful? Then they are not worth a dime of your time.

Be inspired
Once you have unfollowed them, take the time to find some inspirational accounts to follow instead. A few of my favourites:

  • Kayla Itsines is always inspiring me to get my body moving more after hours sitting on my arse every day. I save a lot of her circuits on my phone and refer to them daily for my gym sessions.

  • Anine Bing – one of my favourite designers who is the epitome of a chic casual woman, demonstrating how to ‘own it’ as a boss.

  • Your Creative Start – Jaharn Giles works with small enterprises ‘helping them become known for their something’. She also interviews leading womenpreneurs on how they have built their brand and I learn so many pearls of wisdom every day.

  • Arianna Huffington – her amazing quotes (her own and from others) that you can take into your personal and professional life while giving tangible advice on how to succeed in work and in life.

  • Offline The Podcast – hosted by award-winning journalist Alison Rice, this account documents honest and real conversations with women behind the Instagram accounts. These creatives and entrepreneurs reiterate the humility that they try to displayed through their social accounts and why you feel the way you feel on public platforms is okay and completely normal.

Social media (Instagram in particular) is pretty hard to walk away from. In the industry I am in, I do spend too much time on social media trying to promote my work and my clients. Whenever I needed to post something, I would find myself scrolling for a few minutes and before you know it 30 minutes had passed. Essentially, I realised I needed to cut down my time which is the reason behind my spring clean tips to help make my social media feeds smarter.

As a whole, social media gets a bad rep and although some of it is fair, it’s up to you how you use it. Hopefully with these tips you can make social media work more positively for you.

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