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influence (in-flue-ence)


the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

There is power in the words we use, to others and to ourselves. The word ‘influence’ is powerful, it is something that sways us to do something, to believe something. It is dominant, it is forceful, it has effect and it also has an organic element to it.

We all have influence and it is revealed through how we show up to a conversation or how we influence those around us with our energy and attitude.

Led by award-winning publicist Amanda McConchie, The Business of Influence makes it our business to exert influence for your brand as well as providing expertise and experience around influencing your audience in a fast-paced world.

Bridging the gap between talent agencies and public relations, The Business of Influence focuses on delivering strategies that meet objectives for clients while also representing talent on brand partnerships.

Through specialised services and an e-commerce subscription platform, our business meets the demands of a generation of digital and small business entrepreneurs whose innovation, youth and strategic objectives don’t necessarily mesh with traditional agency methods and lengthy, costly campaigns.

Through story-telling and results-oriented strategies, The Business of Influence assists clients in raising their profile and monetising their output in order to become successful brands in their own right. The end result: transforming clients into high-profile entrepreneurs in New Zealand and beyond.

Contact The Business of Influence today for a personalised approach that reflects industry forecasts and trends to maximise your business success.